Sunday, February 22, 2009

life is precious...

i am writing this post for those who are facing problems at the moment or are feeling down or think that things are always unfair to them.. ( i come under one of those categories)

Whenever you face problems, just look at life at a different angle... try to look at you from outside.. just think that you are your acquaintance.. and describe the person in front of you..

Think of all the positive things that have happened to you.

I was so sad one day because things werent go so well for me.. i mean nothing was bad but nothing was swell either. I was looking at the news at that moment. There were bomb blasts, murders, rapes, accidents and so on. And something struck in me. Isnt it foolish to blame my life when its so good compared to the ones shown in the news. Ofcourse the same could happen to anybody at anytime even me, but right now i have beautiful life, why spoil it by whining about little things.

Remember life is so precious ... one just cant afford to waste time in whining and be sad about totally trivial things...

Do converse and enjoy with your family and friends and live your life :-)

Say sorry and thanks whereever needed. A simple sorry can save beautiful relationships that can last forever. Just forget your egoes. Love all.