Thursday, September 10, 2009


Change.... ha ... That is one word that most of us would have prayed not to hear it one more time.. I mean with all politicians using it to entice the public... But you certainly cannot neglect the significance of it.

There are so many people who whine about how mundane their life is.. They wake up in the morning; go to work; make some fake smiles , some true smiles, some sarcastic smiles; try to work for some time; some people really crush their brains; some smart people make their bosses believe that they work when they actually are playing games on the net; most of the time in office are spent in canteen or talking about irrelevant stuff; return home; act as if they are tired; go to bed after a sumptuous meal; and the routine goes on....

I would like to focus on young people especially. I am one among them. I realise that I have so much potential. I could really develop into a tech guru or something big. But the problem is I am totally adaptable. Like for example, I am working in a MNC now. Since I am fresher , I was so ready to accept what ever project they gave me. So I got this high profile. I was initially so happy since I didnt realise that high profile job is something that should not be given to a fresher because it just totally blocks the learning curve. I just sit idly the entire day in office. And my guiltyness is just feeding on my insides. This is so wrong. When I am capable of working hard and learning new things, I should never have been given such a profile. It just creeps me out. My brain has gone dumb. I dont know what to do. I am suffocating. Yet I still have not done anything about it. I have not taken a single a step to get out of the hell. May be this profile would be a dream come true when I reach 30 or 40... but right now.. I have so much energy locked up inside.. And I just dont want to waste them.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

life is precious...

i am writing this post for those who are facing problems at the moment or are feeling down or think that things are always unfair to them.. ( i come under one of those categories)

Whenever you face problems, just look at life at a different angle... try to look at you from outside.. just think that you are your acquaintance.. and describe the person in front of you..

Think of all the positive things that have happened to you.

I was so sad one day because things werent go so well for me.. i mean nothing was bad but nothing was swell either. I was looking at the news at that moment. There were bomb blasts, murders, rapes, accidents and so on. And something struck in me. Isnt it foolish to blame my life when its so good compared to the ones shown in the news. Ofcourse the same could happen to anybody at anytime even me, but right now i have beautiful life, why spoil it by whining about little things.

Remember life is so precious ... one just cant afford to waste time in whining and be sad about totally trivial things...

Do converse and enjoy with your family and friends and live your life :-)

Say sorry and thanks whereever needed. A simple sorry can save beautiful relationships that can last forever. Just forget your egoes. Love all.